My name is Ricky Rodriguez and I live in Leesburg, VA USA. My phone number is 540-668-6752 and my e-mail is rickyrod@rickyrod.com

I have Extensive experience in the support and use of applications for advanced computer and communications hardware, and software. I am especially good at Web Development and Design and Internet support. I Possess demonstrated leadership and supervisory skills, and an analytical aptitude with a customer-centered focus. I have been developing web pages and providing internet support for over 20 years and have been involved with computers in one way or another for over 40 years.

Developing web pages in Javascript, HTML, CSS is my forte’.  I am learning learning Java and obtained my CSC in Application Programming at Northern Virginia Community College fall of 2017. I  finished a up certificate in Web Development and design fall of 2018 and an Associate of Science Degree in Information Technology in the Summer of 2018 (both at NOVA).  My most current position in SharePoint support and .NET programming in visual studio, has allowed me to broaden my skills even more.

From 4/2007 to 5/2008 I worked at Roadstar Internet in Leesburg, Virginia where I sold wireless Internet service, and resolved customer connectivity, e-mail, billing, sales and technical issues over the phone. I also Provisioned Yagi, Alverion, YDI and Etherant wireless microwave antennas and programmed routers remotely for business and home users of Internet service.

From 9/1997 to 1/2001 I worked as a Revenue analyst for America Online Inc’s worldwide customer service headquarters Herndon VA where I Collected and compiled billing data from various sources in order to analyze and report on AOL’s twenty-five million ($25,000,000.00) monthly membership-billing revenue flow. I tracked delinquencies, developed strategies for collection of bad debt, reconciled bank deposits and assisted in the planning and implementation of new methods of payment for increased revenue flow. I Analyzed multiple types of customer billing transactions from various banks and payment card types on a daily basis making recommendations to management on how to best collect revenue in a “card not present” transaction scenario.

From 9/1995 to 9/1997 I worked as a Fraud Analyst for America Online Inc.  I handled fraud issues sent from departments throughout the organization, maintained and created statistical summaries of types of fraud and illustrated monetary losses due to fraud. I lead development for the fraud department operations manual in which I created a detailed online fraud-training curriculum and manual. I was awarded for productivity by management and also through a peer revue process.

From 2/1994 to 8/1995 I worked as a Customer Relations Representative for America Online Inc. in Tysons Corner, VA. Here I handled and resolved billing, sales and technical support calls. I was awarded multiple times for top achievement in sales. When Ted Leonsis became president of AOL he wanted to understand how billing customer service worked so for about an hour he sat beside me in the AOL call center and listened in as I took calls from customers with billing questions.

I have also worked for MCI, Sprint, Fastcomm Communications, US West Communications, IBM, Los Alamos Technical Associates, worked as a cook, taught high school, made pizzas, delivered newspapers, and sold timeshare vacations.


I have Masters of Science in Telecommunications Management from the University of Maryland in College Park, MD. I obtained this degree in the evenings after work over a period of  six years. Prior to this I got a BA in History and a teaching certification at the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, VA. I also obtained a Diploma in Computer Programming from the Computer Learning Center in Springfield VA. Considering all this post secondary education, I have an overall GPA of 3.4.

I’m a kayaker  and advocate for clean and unpolluted waterways.  I was on the board of directors of the West Virginia Rivers Coalition for 7 years from 2000 – 2017. I once ran one of the waterfalls at Great Falls, MD that no one else had ever run and few have run since. (those days are over) In 2006 I planned and led a 16 person, 21-day expedition down the Grand Canyon. I organized the entire trip! I once biked 500 miles around Virginia beginning and ending in Fredericksburg, VA. I’m a US citizen. I have written and phone references available and am willing to consider any offers that might come my way. Call me at 540-668-6752.

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